Service List

Helping Business people one Client at a time

Service List

· I&IPP Safety Plans

· Heat Illness Plan

· Sexual Harassment Plan

· Hazardous Materials Communication Plan

· Alcohol & Drug Testing Plan

· Annual I&IPP Updates

· Annual HMC Plan Updates

· CUPA Chapter 6.95 Plan (CA clients only)

· Emergency Preparedness Plan

· Respiratory Protection Programs

· Pesticide Training Program


Written Programs

· Monthly Tailgate Meeting  (See Details)

· Consulting Hourly Rate

· Forklift Safety Training

· Sexual Harassment Supervisor Training

· Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training     

· Designated Employee Representative Training

· OSHA 300 Logs

· Representation with local, State and Federal Regulatory Agencies

· Pesticide Handler / Field Workers Training

· Respirator Training and fit testing

· Medical supervision program for the use of carbamates/Organophosphates

Safety Services

· I&IPP and Hazardous Materials Plans

· On Site Safety Inspections         

· DOT Pre-Inspection Audits

· DOT Quarterly Audit Reviews & Updates

Safety Audits

· DOT Regulated Drug Testing

· Non-DOT Drug Testing

· Alcohol Testing

· DOT MIS Reports

Alcohol & Drug Testing Services

Fernando Ruiz, Inc.

dba Ruiz & Associates

Our business is divided in several “divisions” each of which offers a particular service that our clients can “purchase” as the need arises.  These include:

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General Safety Topics detailed

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Fernando Ruiz, Inc. dba Ruiz, Inc.

Helping business people, one client at a time






· Injury & Illness Prevention Program Indoctrination

· Yearly blood borne Pathogens in the Workplace

· Yearly fire Safety

· Yearly Fire Extinguisher - Hands On Training on Proper Use

· Yearly Emergency Preparedness Procedures

· Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

· Hazardous Waste and Spill Management

· Hazardous Communications - “Your Right to Know”

· Ag Safety

· Lifting and Back Safety

· General Office Safety

· Ergonomics in the Workplace

· Slips, Trips and Falls

· The Basics in Lock-Out/Tag-Out

· Tractor Safety

· Heavy Equipment: Back Hoes, Trenchers, Tractors, etc.

· Basic Pesticide Safety

· Personal Protective Equipment

· Trucks & Other Vehicles - Defensive Driving

· Lawnmowers, Trimmers and Other Hand Held Tools

· Janitorial & Maintenance Safety

· Other Topics & Training as needed




For D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) or HP (Highway Patrol) regulated employers. Full service: written and testing services available.